Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Problem Resolved - "IDM extension has been removed"

Google Chrome Modified Extension for IDM

Hey Guys, finally you are at the right place!!! Today when you have opened your Chrome browser you may have received a notification stating that "IDM extension has been removed". Many advanced users may have tried to reinstall the extension but have got an error saying "Google has marked IDM extension as malicious and has prevented from installing".

So we are here to solve your problem. You just have to download this modified IDM extension and install it in your Chrome. It  will work as before providing you all the features which IDM supports even YouTube download ;)

Here is step by step procedure:
  1. >>> Download Modified IDM Extension Here <<<
  2. In Google Chrome type in address bar -  chrome://extensions
  3. Just Drag and Drop your Downloaded IDM extension in Extensions Window.
     4. Confirm your installation by pressing Add.

  • You are done.  Enjoy Downloading with IDM :)

  • Please let me know if u face any problem regarding this topic. Our testers have tested it and its working fine.